True Friends, part 1

There was once a litle girl wich loved her friends even though they didn't know much 'bout her.
Everyday after school her parents yelled at her for something she haven't done.
They told her that they hated her and that she was the biggest misstake in their lifes.
She cried every night.
One day in school she decide that she were going to tell her best friend about this, and so she did.
"Ehm...Melissa?" she said, scared of telling her best friend.
"Is something wrong Alice? you seemes worried" Melissa said.
Alice looked down on the ground, wondering if this was right.
"I have something to tell you, but you have to promisse to never tell anyone, ok?" she said after some minutes.
"You can count on me, I have never told anyone about your secrets" Melissa said with a warming smile.
Alice looked down at the ground thinking.
"But this is different, this is about why I haven't invited you home" Alice said.
Melissa knew there was something bad about this, so she huged Alice and said:
"You can trust me, no matter what! I will allways be by your side"
"Thanks. Okey, the reason is that I'm not allowed, cause my parents sees me as the biggest misstakes in their lifes, and they want to see me dead. They hit me and yells at me every day after school"
Alice said with eyes filled with tears.
"Alice..." Melissa said.
Melissa was shocked 'bout this and didn't know what to do, so she huged her and tried to figure something out.
After a while she said to Alice that she could come and stay at her house as long as she wanted.

One weeks after the talk.
"Melissa, you're a true friend!"
Alice said with a big smile.
"Thanks, but I know you would do the same thing for me, or?" Melissa said.
"Ofcourse I would, you're my best, only and truely friend in this world! I would die for you" Alice said.
"And I would do the same for you" Melissa said as they both started to laugh.
They both sat infront of the mirror trying to fix their hair when suddely they heard a car pulling of infront of the house and after some seconds someone were screaming and trying to kick down the frontdoor.
"Oh crap! It's my parents!"
Alice said with a tone that scared Melissa.
"What the----! Who the hell is it?" Melissas father yelled.
"GIVE OUR DAUGHTER BACK!" the screamed.
Alice got panic and didn't know what to do so she looked into Melissas eyes and said "don't let them take me, they will just kill me".
Alices parents knocked down the door and ran upstairs to Melissas room and took Alices arm and ran out to the car.
"NO, NO!!!! LET ME GO!! PLEASE, HELP ME!! MELISSA!!" Alice scream for her life.
Melissa ran outside, but it was too late, they were allready on their way back home.
"Alice... I'm sorry!" she said quiet to herself.

Two weeks after that happen.
Melissas diary:
 Alice haven't been in school for two weeks now and noone knows why.
I'm worried about her! Cause not even her neightbor have seen her!
I hope she's ok.

Till Jasna<3

mobbad sedan dagis, vänner som dissat mig, extremt mobbad i 4:an-6:an, 7:an var lugn men grät ofta ändå, 8:an så ignorerade mina vänner mig och gick emot mig ofta så jag sprang bort ifrån dom, 9:an kom den stora deppisionen(?) och bara en brydde sig (alex) och gjorde något åt det ist för att skriva "finns " blev ej bättre, fick en pojkvän som ignorerade mig när jag var deppad, gjorde slut, han skrek på mig. i slutet av 9:an så blev jag accepterad för första gången känns det som, nu så har alla "vänner" som är kvar blivit riktiga vänner men är fortfarande deprimerad!

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